Samurai Sword Shifter Knob installation

I saw a Samurai sword handle shifter on a friend’s JDM import and decided to get one for myself through eBay a few weeks ago. It arrived today from China and I installed it in 5 minutes.

This is what the package that contains the handle, adapters and screws looks like as in figures 1, 2 and 3.

Figure 1. Shifter handle side-view Figure 1. Side-view of shifter handle

Figure 2. Shifter handle top-view Figure 2. Top-view of shifter handle

Figure 3. Shifter handle package Figure 3. The handle, adapters and screws in the package

The first step is to rotate the OEM shift knob counter-clockwise (Figure 4) until it comes off as seen in Figure 5. I used a glove to rotate the knob since it gave some extra grip.

Figure 4. Counter-clockwise rotate the shift knob Figure 4. Rotate the OEM shift knob counter-clockwise

Figure 5. The shift knob comes off Figure 5. The shift knob finally comes off

Select the adapter that came with the Samurai sword handle that fits the tightest on the Miata’s shifter stem, and tighly install it as seen in Figure 6.

Figure 6. Install the adapter first Figure 6. Install the tight-fitting adapter on the shifter stem

Next insert the sword handle over this adapter and hammer it with your hand until it fully covers the black adapter as in Figure 7.

Figure 7. Insert the sword handle over the adapter Figure 7. Insert the sword handle over the adapter

Figure 8 shows the 6 screws and an allen key that was part of the package. You need to screw the sword handle onto the shifter stem, using the screw holes in Figure 9, as tightly as possible so that the handle does not come off when the car is riding at high speeds and the shifter is vibrating. Figure 10 shows me tightening the screws and Figure 11 shows how the screws should look flush with the handle.

Figure 8. Screws that came with the adapter Figure 8. Screws and allen key that was part of the package

Figure 9. Screw holes on the sword handle Figure 9. Screw holes on the sword handle

Figure 10. Screw the handle Figure 10. Using the allen keys on the screws

Figure 11. Done screwing the sword handle Figure 11. Complete tightening screws on the sword handle to make it flush with the surface

Once all the 6 screws have been installed and tightened, you can now take off the plastic cover on the handle and enjoy the final product. Test the shifter and see that it moves the way you want it. Figures 12 and 13 show the final images I took of the shifter once it was fully installed.

Figure 12. Close-up of new shifter knob Figure 12. Close-up of the new shifter sword handle

Figure 13. Far view of new shifter knob Figure 13. Better view of new shifter sword handle from outside the car

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