Replacing the Air Filter

Changing an air filter in the Miata is really easy. Below in figures 1 and 2 you can see the two latches around the intake that need to be opened with a simple flip as see in Figure 3.

Figure 1. Front Latch Figure 1. The front facing latch on the air filter box

Figure 2. Rear Latch Figure 2. The rear facing latch on the air filter box

Figure 3. An Open Latch Figure 3. Flip the latch open

Flip open both the latches and lift the air filter box cover as shown in Figure 4. You should see the old air filter in there. My old filter was white in color.

Figure 4. Lift the Box Cover Figure 4. Lift the air filter box cover to reveal the old filter

You should be able to easily pull out the air filter and see an empty box as in Figure 5. Then place the replacement air filter in place and it should look like Figure 6. Our new air filter was the standard OEM style air filter, red in color, and was purchased from Moss Miata.

Figure 5. Air Filter removed Figure 5. The old air filter has been removed

Figure 6. New Air filter installed Figure 6. The new air filter has been installed

Remember to close the air filter cover and latch up both the latches as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7. A Closed Latch Figure 7. Close the latches

That’s it ! Changing the air filter literally takes less than 2 minutes.